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The Client

Irricon were a small company with the vision of providing highly accurate crop measurement solutions on an easily understandable interface. They were rapidly outgrowing their existing infrastructure and needed a forward-thinking nationwide solution. It was of particular importance that the new solution provide an easier interface between the raw data and their clientele.

The Challenge

Irricon approached us to build a responsive system for their irrigation scheduling solution. The system had to handle the huge volumes of data coming in from probes on farms nationally and turn it into user friendly displays for their farming clientele. While they had an existing system, they needed an up-to-date online system, with additional functionality. They needed to remove any frustrations for their clients, and assist their business through automation of their processes, thereby removing some of their admin and business management hassles.

The Approach

We built a brand new, completely custom system and worked hard to ensure the smooth functionality thereof, as their system is mission critical. We provide continuous support and maintenance to facilitate maximum up time. The constant stream of data, coming in almost hourly, from over 3000 probes nationally, needs to be manipulated and translated into user friendly information displays that are updated and displayed in real-time. IrriconÂ’s system is unique and we are very proud of the complex algorithms and calculations that take place in the background to ensure the farmers see the latest, most accurate data displays possible.


Water Scarcity

The Irricon system provides accurate data to farmers, in real time regarding soil moisture content and can even indicate when the most recent watering took place. In our current water scarcity situation this solution assists farmers by accurately indicating exactly how much moisture is required for optimal soil moisture content to be reached. This helps farmers to use only as much water is required per crop, assists in preventing crop stress and mitigates water wastage.

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