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The Client

Nico has been in the rugby world for many years, first as a player, but more recently as a coach and advisor to the Stormers. He is keen to give back to the community by putting his knowledge out to a broader community and thereby build up his online authority. He needed a brand and online presence that would put him squarely on the map.

The Challenge

Nico approached us to assist him with creating his brand. It was essential that the logo that really embodied his brand cornerstones. The logo needed to feel powerful and evoke both movement and strength. In terms of colour he favoured charcoal, bright yellow and bright green.

The Approach

Initially we looked at some logos which included barbells and gym equipment with the name. However, they did not accurately convey his brand. He needed to distinguish himself from gym brands, as he is offering a different service. After some experimentation we designed a running man icon to complement the strong typographic elements, which beautifully evoked the sense of power and movement the brand demanded. At last we had nailed it.

RS&CSA Strength & Conditioning
RS&CSA Strength & Conditioning
RS&CSA Strength & Conditioning


Finally, Nico needed a way to share his knowledge. We recommended a WordPress website as it would provide an accessible backend for Nico to load articles himself. After much searching we found a beautiful theme, which complemented his brand's look and feel. After some customization to allow for advertising and pull in a Twitter feed, we were ready to load the blog's articles. Nico felt the word 'article' a opposed to 'blog' would better convey that the articles are well researched and written by a knowledgeable author. He plans to include numerous forms of content in the future such as video and podcasts with other industry professionals, as well as articles by knowledgeable guest authors.

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