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The Client

Capespan is a global business, with numerous satellite offices worldwide. Communication in their business is vital in order to ensure the timeous transport of perishable fruit worldwide 365 days a year. As an international brand it is of particular importance that their branding be on par with the global market standards. Capespan felt the online market had evolved and therefore their online presence needed to be updated.

The Challenge

Capespan approached us to rebuild their main “fruit” website, in order to better market themselves to global buyers. They also needed their group site developed in order to facilitate the workings of their offices and divisions world-wide. The challenge was both complex and vast, with Capespan having very specific needs fulfilled, including the maintaining of their brand throughout their globally recognized online presence and pages that could easily be translated into other languages.

The Approach

We focused strongly on creating easy to navigate and visually appealling experiences for their target market of global buyers on the main “fruit” website. For the group site it was of particular importance that the website have a corporate and professional feel that would set members, directors, shareholders and investors at ease. Lastly, we assisted by creating pages that provide details and information for each of Capespans' global operating offices and divisions, as well as facilitate the various workings of each office.

The Capespan Group
The Capespan Group

Into The Future

We continue to work closely with Capespan on a number of other projects, including most recently websites for their international trading partners. We also assist with maintenance and updating of their sites as required.

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