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The Client

PYM61 is a Paarl-based youth organization and holistic ministry. Their Life Guides get involved in the local community and assist schools and their learners through their life coaching initiatives. They needed a unique, youthful logo that would assist them in building an easily recognizable presence in the community. Additionally, the branding had to have a professional look and feel, so that it would appeal to donors and investors.

The Challenge

Long-standing clients of ours, Debbie and Johan approached us with the following request: 'We are establishing a Paarl-based youth organization, with the name Pym61. The letters PYM stand for Paarl Youth Movement and the 61 comes from the table of elements, specifically promethium (element 61). We would like the 'y' in PYM in red - like a correction mark. Promethium is radioactive and makes items glow in the dark, therefore our choice of colour is that neon green with red and maybe black. The whole logo needs to have a science feel.'

The Approach

We started with some conceptual logos so that we could get a feel for what they wanted. The initial logos were designed with a fun. funky, modern and young vibe, embodying an almost cartoonish feel. Debbie was happy with the direction, but wanted the logos to feel more scientific. She suggested inclusion of more elements, however we advised not as the logo was already quite complex. After a couple more iterations the final atom-inspired logo was eagerly welcomed (with some minor tweaks).

PYM61 Youth Movement
PYM61 Youth Movement
The Style Guide for the brand, detailing the use of the brand elements, including fonts, colours, text hierarchy, logo sizing and more.
PYM61 Youth Movement


We have gone on to design an entire corporate identity, with business cards, email signatures, letterhead, corporate folder and a style guide. One of the most challenging tasks was to convert their strategy documentation into a world-class, professional looking document for presentation to investors. We are very proud to say we succeeded in this and Debbie was ecstatic over the final document. We are currently assisting PYM61 with their website.

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